Marketplace Community: Meet Imane Belmkaddem

We are proud to present an amazing entrepreneur, Imane Belmkaddem to you this week. Imane is a CEO and founder of In-ter-art and Stockholm International Fashion Fair and the co-founder of Taragalte Stockholm. Imane was happy to share how she and her team have managed to get through the difficulties of the earliest corona restrictions and how they have found ways to cope with the changes.

Sustainable development, ethics, diversity and multiculturalism

Stockholm International Fashion Fair (Sto-Iff) a new and unique concept being a fashion show and exhibition which aims to explore cultures through fashion and bring forward creativity, self-expression and ingenuity. It also aims to promote fashion designers from different countries and cultures in Sweden leading by example to create a diverse, multicultural and ethical fashion brand.

Through this event, we wish to transmit the values ​​of sustainable development, ethics, diversity and multiculturalism. We believe that sustainable fashion should be applied in Sweden, but also worldwide.

Imane Belmkaddem

An other important aspect is empowerment and inclusion by inviting models of all ages, all shapes and all ethnicities to participate in the show and wear the creations of different designers.

Coping with Covid-19 crisis

The biggest challenge we had to face was to postpone all our events, we worked with clients from all over the world (designers, artists, models) and the Covid-19 crisis certainly affected all countries, but each country had its own conditions. For example, we had a musical event in September 2020 in Mukaliska Stockholm that we had to postpone because we had to bring artists from southern Morocco and from Northern Sweden to Stockholm, says Imane.

Also, the biggest challenge was to maintain our event that we organised in March to celebrate International Women’s Day. It was one of the last events in Stockholm before the crisis and we found very difficult to manage the final preparations when the museum could close or cancel the event at any time. In addition, we were concerned about the presence of the public. But finally, we received more than 16 designers from all continents, the show went very well and we had a full room and great satisfaction, adds Imane.

New ways to promote our business

After our event in March we had to stop our activities, take a step back, but we rather devoted this time to the promotion of our event on social networks and some local media. However this remained difficult because all the news focused more on the pandemic. In addition, we were able to focus on the implementation of a new strategy for In-ter-Art, our event and communication company that builds strong connections between companies, people and cultures online and offline.

We have partially resumed our activities two month ago, thinking of new services that we can offer, such as the organising private photo shootings with famous Scandinavian designers and concept stores. Now we are thinking of event concepts that can be adapted to new sanitary measures, perhaps outside with limited spaces.

And what about Marketplace? 🙂

I really liked your initiative at Marketplace and I would be happy to join it, especially since it is directed towards the encouragement of women entrepreneurs and the creation of a network of women leaders in different fields, I believe that  it is a very promising project to which I wish every success, says Imane.

Imane Belmkaddem and her concept with Stockholm International Fashion Fair is a true gem on the Swedish and International market and we are proud that she is part of the Marketplace Community.

We are a non-profit association that wants to give more foreign-born women the opportunity to follow their dreams. By raising SEK 800,000 we will be able to support the emergence of more female-owned businesses in Sweden. The donations will go to our premises in Högdalen where our members will have access to their own retail space, warehouse and co-working office.

We need your help to make someone’s dream come true!

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