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Elena Rodas

Hi there, my name is Elena Rodas and I’m from El Salvador

I’m co-owner of Jardin de Maria DS KB, a company that works in Sweden with two main branches:

1. Graphic Design/Advertising 

2. Organizing Pilgrimages (Religious travels to Marian Sanctuaries) for people from all around the world.

We are three people leading the company: My sister Marta Rodas (who has been living in Sweden for 27 years), my husband Leo Rivas and me.

To be an entrepreneur is in my veins, I have been an entrepreneur in my whole life. Before I came to live in Sweden in 2016 I managed my own company in El Salvador for 25 years. In 2012 I made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje that changed my life forever and since then I started organizing pilgrimages too and it is something that fills my heart with joy and satisfaction. Since 2013 until now I have been doing this as part of the services that Jardin de Maria offers to our customers.

Elena Rodas

Moving to Sweden was and still is an adventure! We didn’t stop offering our services as Graphic Designers because most of our clients are from abroad (USA, Canada and Australia) but we are still fighting to open our market here in Sweden. I strongly believe that the Spanish speaking market is growing in the world and it may be interesting for the Swedish companies to connect with them, so we are looking for opportunities in this field, says Elena.

Besides we have a strong experience working with Mining Companies and Sweden has big companies in this area who may be interested in our experience.

Here the link to our portfolio:

About pilgrimages, our clients are from all over the world, there’s no frontiers for this. Our best advertisers are our customers who speak very good of us and share their experiences with other friends or in their religious communities. If someone is interested in joining our pilgrimages, you just need to visit our website and make the booking or contact us through WhatsApp.

Facing the 2020 with COVID19

Both branches have been affected because of this crisis, one more than the other. Graphic Design is the branch that has let us keep on track doing small business, because in crisis the companies cut the advertising budgets mostly.

But with the pilgrimages the crisis hit us hard due to the closing of all the airports around the world and the people in quarantine with no possibility to travel. We have been doing a lot of Social Media efforts to keep encouraging our customers  by sharing information and videos of past pilgrimages, I think this is very important and our clients appreciate this effort a lot.

Reinventing during a crisis is one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur, so we are putting energy in other ideas like opening an Art Exposition because my husband besides being a Designer is an Artist too, so he is painting and we are preparing ourselves to set up an exhibition soon.

Another totally different idea is in our minds at the moment but we will unveil it at the right time 😉

About Marketplace

Is an amazing and innovative idea that supports women like me to achieve our goals. I would like to congratulate the people behind this project, it means a lot for newcomer women to Sweden.

Together and supporting each other we will succeed!

We are proud that Elena Rodas is part of the Marketplace Community because she is a true entrepreneur who is focusing not only on her private and professional development but has a mission to build and hold together a religious community.

We are a non-profit association that wants to give more foreign-born women the opportunity to follow their dreams. By raising SEK 800,000 we will be able to support the emergence of more female-owned businesses in Sweden. The donations will go to our premises in Högdalen where our members will have access to their own retail space, warehouse and co-working office.

We need your help to make someone’s dream come true!

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