8 Qualities You Need In Your Team During Critical Times

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The ability to achieve goals in the workplace requires collaboration. As a leader you have probably paid a great attention to carefully select your team members who actively contribute to your group in order to complete tasks, meet goals or manage projects. However, this year might have surprised you with challenges you and your team have been not prepared for.

With the current state of the world, the global threat of Coronavirus and the uncertainty of the economy, it’s important that those who lead, lead in a way that will keep people on track and help them stay as positive and productive as is possible.

Women On Business has created a list with eight things you can do to help your team through the tough times:

1. True Grit

Grit is defined as courage, resolve, and strength of character, but the final blend of those characteristics yields a quality that’s perhaps best summarized by one word: toughness. Good leaders hold the team together in tough times by staying committed to the battle.

2. Optimism

While grit mainly relates to the present, optimism is a component of leadership that looks to the future. A leader who has a positive view of the outcome is creating a mental framework for the team to pull through, because they foster the belief that something great is on the other side.

3. Pragmatism

While a leader needs to be gritty and optimistic, they also need to be practical, using intelligence and common sense to navigate their way through the given situation. Having rose-colored glasses for the future is great, but having them on as you look at the present can lead to costly mistakes.

4. Selflessness

A bad leader will try to save their own skin, but a good captain goes down with the ship — because he makes sure crew members get off first (that said, he doesn’t necessarily have to go down with the ship).

5. Resolution

Tough times are ripe for dissension and mutiny, but a good leader holds command. Sometimes you have to show tough love and put the proverbial boot down when members of the team start talking smack. They’ll thank you later.

6. Encouragement

A good leader encourages the team during a tough time to help them find the drive to make it through. Sometimes encouragement can be as simple as wandering around the group, patting some backs, and giving smiles or friendly words.

7. Preparedness

A good leader never finds their team unexpectedly thrust into bad times without some prior preparation. A good leader has a plan to cover all the possibilities, and knows what to do if things don’t go exactly the way they were hoping.

8. Bravery

Fear can undermine the entire mission, whether the war is on a battlefield, a sporting field, or the sales floor. A good leader is brave and inspires his team with that bravery.

When times are tough, the leaders who last and who help their teams succeed are the ones who possess these eight qualities.

Leadership Qualities That Must Have in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, employees need the motivation of a leader, who makes a decision and adopts a solution adapted to the situation. Here is a list that you need to lead your team to success during critical times.

The ability to cope with uncertainty

Intellectual flexibility becomes a necessity. It is indispensable to ensure the development of the leader’s intelligence in difficult circumstances. Flexibility enables you as a leader to avoid all forms of stress and overwork and enables you to find a better solution to the crisis. In a crisis situation, it is the uncertainty of the next day that is at the heart of the decisions to be taken.

Listening and communication skills

Although the crisis can generate enormous overflows for the you, this should not prevent you from communicating with your collaborators. In times of crisis, the leader must be attentive to her employees in order to motivate them to make even greater efforts to get the company out of the crisis. You must communicate the evolution of the situation to his employees. They need to know the effects of the efforts they have made. This is essential to strengthen the team spirit and sense of responsibility that each team member must-have.

Cooperation and solidarity

Cooperation and solidarity with the rest of the team is the corollary of the sense of listening and communication. In times of crisis as in normal times, the leader must not only lead. You must be the centre of the team and keeping it together and united. It is fundamental to maintain and revive team spirit. This can be manifested through freedom of speech and the sharing of good practices and know-how.

Courage and perseverance

This quality demonstrates the importance of a leader’s personality. In times of crisis, employees need the motivation of their leader, who makes decisions, is committed and adopts a solution adapted to the situation. There is no doubt that courage means perseverance. You and your team have an obligation to achieve results. It is not enough to use all the means at their disposal; their efforts must bear fruit.

Showing empathy

Under normal circumstances, they can act and carry out their missions without any assistance. During a crisis, employees need more attention. You should make them feel his presence, be available and accessible. Every effort made by an employee should be recognized. If employees become discouraged, you must know how to re-motivate them.

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