Marketplace STHLM: A professional space where business and people grow together

It’s finally starting to come together

Marketplace STHLM is soon ready to open its doors. Very happy about our collaboration with Carlstedt Arkitekter AB and Kinnarps Group. We are sitting together collaborating on the interior of the space. So far we had two workshops with future members and partners on their needs and wants for the space and from that we are collaborating with our partners to build a space based on the needs of the users.

With the assistance of Carlstedt Arkitekter we are developing the physical environment so that it supports an inclusive work environment that is both sustainable in terms of the physical and mental health. Quite simply a place where you can both develop your business, grow and at the same time feel good in body and soul.

Moodboard for the interieur

Sustainability in all areas are important to us and we therefore are extra happy to have Kinnarps Sweden as a partner – Kinnarps take their work on sustainability and circularity very seriously and I always leave meetings with them inspired and energized, for Marketplace STHLM no new furniture is being produced, we simply use what they got, creating a mix of furniture and interior designs that fits together in their own way.

The space signals what we want to achieve for our users – their will be different companies sitting in the space and all entrepreneurs come from with different backgrounds have different perspectives and ideas – what makes them alike is their willingness to share their ideas and support each other both in life and business. The mix makes the match!

Our priorities and what Marketplace will signal to its users? 

  1. Professional space
  2. Networking 
  3. Flexibility
  4. Sustainability

Main questions that drive our ideation process

  • How should we fit everything in the area and be able to share experiences when we run such different companies?
  • How will be able to meet the needs of our users?
  • How are the different sub areas divided in the best way?
  • How is the transition between store and co-working office created?
  • How big should the store be in relation to the office?
  • How do you enable adaptable premises?
  • What does a permissive environment mean for Marketplace STHLM?
  • How can our physical space empower women?
  • How can the store be organized to increase sales?
  • How do we get what we need without the room feeling crowded?
  • How does the room facilitate both verbal and visual small talk?
  • How do we create ”Rituals” what do you do when you enter the Marketplace as a user?
  • How can the physical space blur competition and hierarchies?
  • How can Marketplace STHLM’s own culture be created through the physical environment?
  • How should you as a customer feel when you enter the store?
  • How are the contractors presented to the customers?
  • What makes customers want to enter the store?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a place where you can develop and sell your products?

We are a non-profit association that wants to give more foreign-born women the opportunity to follow their dreams. By raising SEK 800,000 we will be able to support the emergence of more female-owned businesses in Sweden. The donations will go to our premises in Högdalen where our members will have access to their own retail space, warehouse and co-working office.

We need your help to make someone’s dream come true!

Read more about how you can help:

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