Boktips v50 – What You Can Do, I Can Too

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Boktips v50

Boktips v50

Titel: What You Can Do, I Can Too
Author: Helen Vallaeys
Published by: Helen Vallaeys
Year: 2019

From scientist to firefighter to secret service agent, this book shows women in a variety of professions. The rhyming story aims to inspire young girls that they can DO AND BE ANYTHING. What will this story inspire your little girl to be one day?

Research shows that girls lose faith in their own talents by the age of six and that women experience gender stereotypes from an early age. And while young girls are not thinking about a career at age four, five, or six, they’ll soon decide which classes to enroll in and extracurriculars to take – and their decisions are influenced by what they see around them. This weeks booktips What You Can Do, I Can Too shows them that they can be or do anything!

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