Marketplace Community: Mélina Greiss

Marketplace Community: Mélina Greiss

My name is Mélina Greiss, I am 27 years old French chef originally from Egypt

I grew up in Saudi Arabia and was always mixed with cultures and foods from everywhere in the world. I then studied gastronomy in the south of France, in Nice. Throughout my studies and trainings as a chef, I started feeling a sort of insecurity going into kitchens as there can be a lot of violence and aggressivity. I then used it to challenge and prove myself I could be a great chef despite the stress and tough experiences I had been through.

I challenged myself to participate to a cooking contest which was sponsored by the best chefs in the world; the ”Bocuse d’Or Winners” and by the best frozen fruit purée brand called Les vergers Boiron. Their aim was to offer young chefs an amazing career start. So if I won, I would get to work with three Bocuse d’or Winners chefs.

I worked really hard and gave all my passion and love to the dish I had to present. Despite the oppositions I had to face during that year of preparation, I decided to learn from everything and to go against my fears anyways.

Mélina Greiss

I won and got to work with Ferdy De Becker in Belgium at Eyckerhof 1 Michelin *, with Geir Skeie in Norway at Brygga 11 (Sandefjord and Stord) and with Henrik Norström in Stockholm at Lux dag för dag. This opened up a whole different idea of gastronomy.

I always tell myself ”where there is a fear, there is a hidden treasure” if you go against a fear of yours, you’ll see that it was just about discovering a hidden treasure behind it. Never think you are limited, your mind limits you, but once you break fear, you are limitless.

After that I worked in Stockholm for 4 years as a chef in really good restaurants and became sick, developed 70 food intolerances, being a chef, it has tough, really tough. My faith took me beyond as I always believed I would heal and I would be able to eat again.

Guess what happened after 3 years?

I got my miracle and then decided to use this experience I developed in food and special foods to offer specialized caterings and cakes to everyone out there who is going through the same; glutenfree, lactosefree, sugarfree, low carb, eggless etc…

I’ve also been working in Japan, 3 Michelin Starred restaurant, in Monaco 1 Michelin Starred restaurant (first ever organic restaurant getting a star), in France etc…

People usually ask me the secret behind tasty food, my answer is always ”Love”.

Mélina Greiss

I now have my own company and offer personalized caterings and cakes, I host cooking classes and love sharing and transmitting my passion for food to others, I also cook as a personal chef and work with Thermomix as an agent and absolutely love the machine and concept behind it!

My aim is to develop a brand of healthy products accessible to everyone (supermarkets, coffee shops etc…), I dream to have my own cake shop and to inspire the world with my passion for cooking and baking.




Everything I touch will prosper, multiply and expand

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